Harry T. Burleigh

From the Spiritual to the Harlem Renaissance


Chapter 14: A Singer-Composer Learns His Craft


Figure 1
  Figure 1: "When de Angels Call," page 1—page 247. A plantation song published in Everybody's Magazine, June 1901, page 588. Two other Burleigh plantation songs were published that year in Everybody's Magazine: "Hush," April 1901, 378–380, and "Song of the Watcher," August, 1901, 154–155. Each song carried the editor's note, "Written especially for EVERYBODY'S MAGAZINE" by H. T. Burleigh." Also, at the bottom of the first page of each song, "Mr. Burleigh, well known as a baritone at St. George's Church, New York, and as a composer, has long been working to show that the true negro music is really worthy of serious attention, and is by no means adequately represented by the cheap 'coon songs' that have so much vogue."  

Figure 2
  Figure 2: "When de Angels Call," page 2—page 247. See above.  




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