Harry T. Burleigh

From the Spiritual to the Harlem Renaissance


Chapter 16: Bringing Spirituals to the Concert Stage


Figure 1
  Figure 1: "Deep River"—page 306. This arrangement is one of Burleigh's sources for his 1916–1917 arrangement of "Deep River." It is No. 77 in the various versions of The Story of the Jubilee Singers, which recount the story of how the Fisk Jubilee Singers introduced Americans and Europeans to the spirituals. The funds they raised saved their school, Fisk University. Jubilee Hall, completed in 1875 stands as a permanent tribute to the success of their historic tours.  

Figure 2
  Figure 2: "Deep River"—page 307. Arranged for piano by Samuel Coleridge-Taylor for his Twenty-four Negro Melodies, published by Oliver Ditson in 2005. Note the four rolled chords in the piano introduction, which Burleigh also used in his 1916–1917 arrangements.  

Figure 3
  Figure 3: Ricordi ad listing singers performing "Deep River" in the 1916–1917 season, Musical America, Jan. 6, 1917, page 43.  

Figure 4
  Figure 4: “Deep River” cover with list of singers performing it in the 1916–1917 season.  

Figure 5
  Figure 5: Ricordi cover listing arrangements of "Deep River."  

Figure 6
  Figure 6: Burleigh’s statement about the appropriate performance of spirituals that was printed on the inside front cover of every Ricordi publication of Burleigh spiritual arrangements, beginning in 1918—page 320.  




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