Harry T. Burleigh

From the Spiritual to the Harlem Renaissance


Chapter 18: The Impact of a Life


Figure 1
  Figure 1: 1931 Burleigh portrait inscribed to Alston—page 351. Incipit of "Wade in the Water."  

Figure 2
  Figure 2: Burleigh's grandson, Dr. Harry T. Burleigh II, being interviewed at Burleigh's re-interment in Erie, Pennsylvania, May 1994—page 346. Photo by Jean E. Snyder.  

Figure 3
  Figure 3: Burleigh's casket in horse-drawn cortege, at his re-interment, May 1994, Erie, Pennsylvania—page 346. Photo by Jean E. Snyder.  

Figure 4
  Figure 4: Burleigh's re-interment in the Erie Cemetery, May 1994—page 346. The Burleigh family is seated at the left in the front row, with Mayor Joyce Savacchio and Dr. William Garvey. At the extreme right are bass-baritone Oral Moses, from Kennesaw University, Kennesaw, Georgia; soprano Demareus Cooper, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and baritone Jonathan Overby, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who sang at the ceremony in Perry Square. Just to the left of Oral Moses is Rev. Charles Kennedy, founder and president of the Burleigh Society. Photo by Jean E. Snyder.  

Figure 5
  Figure 5: Stained glass window at the Episcopal Cathedral of St. Paul honoring Burleigh with an incipit of his hymn dedicated to Rev. Elmore McKee, "In Christ There Is No East or West"—page 346. Photo courtesy of Lisa Layman.  

Figure 6
  Figure 6: Retired Erie School District teacher and local historian Johnny Johnson with Ada Lawrence, who remembered Burleigh staying in her home when he returned to sing in Erie—page 346. Ms. Lawrence died in 2014. Photograph courtesy of Johnny Johnson.  

Figure 7
  Figure 7: "Harry T. Burleigh and the Lawrence Family"—page 346. Online PowerPoint by Johnny Johnson. Used by permission.  




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