American Music

Call for Papers

American Music seeks diverse and adventurous submissions that stretch the limits of music scholarship in topic, method, argument, and authorship. We invite authors from across the music subdisciplines and the humanities to contribute.

Areas of special interest to the journal include:

  • Ecomusicology and Sound Studies
  • Musical media and technology across all periods
  • Unknown musical lives (esp. transatlantic, African American, indigenous peoples, and immigrants to the Americas)
  • Music and musical lives in the twenty-first century
  • Latin American musics
  • Music and race (incl. whiteness)
  • Music, sexuality, and gender (incl. masculinity)
  • Music, space, and place
  • Music and social dance
  • Music, social justice, and religious experience
  • Digital methods (incl. ethnography)

Proposals for special issues, forums, or unusual formats are welcome.

Potential contributors are welcome to contact the editor, Todd Decker, at



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