Congratulations to the Journal of Aesthetic Education on its golden anniversary!

In honor of 50 years of publication, this volume of JAE has a shiny new cover!

This issue has several exciting articles, as well. Here’s a sneak peek of the table of contents.

“The Acquaintance Principle, Aesthetic Judgments, and Conceptual Art” by Andrea Sauchelli

“Commissioning the (Art)Work: From Singular Authorship to Collective Creatorship” by Katerina Bantinaki

“Aesthetic Educators, Aesthetic Experts, and Deferential Belief Formation” by Amir Konigsberg

“A Primordial Sense of Art” by Guillermo Marini

“Virginia Woolf, Literary Style, and Aesthetic Education” by Vid Simoniti

“Formalist Problems, Realist Solutions” by David Anthony Gall

“The Ethical Turn in Aesthetic Education: Early Chinese Thinkers on Music and Arts” by Ming Dong Gu

“Toward a Cinematic Pedagogy: Gilles Deleuze and Manoel de Oliveira” by Susana Viegas

This issue will be available online at JSTOR. Read the upcoming issue as well as past issues of JAE on JSTOR, and Project MUSE, or learn more about the Journal on our website

Abraham Lincoln Association honors new president

The Abraham Lincoln Association (ALA) honored Kathryn Harris as president at their symposium banquet in Springfield on February 12, 2016, the 207th anniversary of Abraham Lincoln’s birth.

Harris is both the first woman and first African American appointed to the position. Prior to her appointment as ALA president she served as the director of library services at the President Lincoln Memorial Library and Museum.

She was interviewed by Illinois Public Media to discuss the importance of libraries. Listen to the interview, here.

Congrats to Dr. Jim Leary!

Congratulations to Dr. Jim Leary!

Leary is a former editor of the Journal of American Folklore and a member of two University of Illinois Press-affiliated societies, American Folklore Society and the Society of the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies.

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University of Illinois Press adds Production Editor

The University of Illinois Press Journals Department is pleased to welcome Kristen Dean-Grossman to its staff as Production Editor.

Kristen grew up in Memphis, Tennessee and received her undergraduate degree in English from Mizzou. She also holds a Master’s in English from the University of Illinois. She enjoys sending time with her two grown daughters, Gillian and Cecily, and her husband. Brent. She also enjoys traveling to the mountains of North Carolina, listening to music (especially rock and blues), giving her dog Eula the attention she demands, and wishes she was able to spend more time writing poetry.


Welcome, Kristen!

Higher Mental Processes Now Available!

AJP_CTcover2We are excited to announce the release of a new e-book Higher Mental Processes, the first volume in the newest series Common Threads. Compiled by the editor of the American Journal of Psychology, Robert W. Proctor, this volume contains ten highly regarded articles from the Journal that discuss higher order thinking. The articles span the 125 year history and are authored by the most prominent names in the field. Each volume of Common Threads will bring together related content from our catalog of journals into e-book format, allowing the reader to experience several thematically-related scholarly articles at one time.  E-books are available for order in paperback. See the link for further details.

Check out Higher Mental Processes on Amazon and keep an eye out for new titles to appear under the series Common Threads!

Women in Print

The following is from Kate Kemball, a production editor in scholarly journals at the University of Illinois Press. She attended the lecture introducing Women in Print and shares her thoughts below:
Some Reflections Upon Marriage
Women in Print is a new peer-reviewed e-book series from the University of Illinois Press that provides high-quality facsimiles of rare books that can be read online or downloaded to e-readers for free. The series focuses on compelling literature that is not yet widely used in order to broaden understanding of women authors and their place in intellectual history, as well as the history of books and printing. The Women in Print series editor is Andrew S. G. Turyn, Endowed Professor and Director of the Rare Book & Manuscript Library Professor Valerie Hotchkiss, who welcomes proposals for primary source e-editions to the series.

A UIUC Emeritus Professor of English, John Dussinger, introduced the first book, Some Reflections upon Marriage, Mary Astell’s essay on the horrors of marriage which was published in London in 1700 and now resides in the vault of the University of Illinois’ Rare Book and Manuscript Library. He provided an introduction to the book for students, as well as notes and a bibliography for further reading. In a video “virtual visit” to the rare book vault, rare print librarian Caroline Szylowicz described the provenance of the book, one of only ten known copies, and showed off its antique pages and handcrafted calfskin binding.

For more information about Women in Print

To view the Women in Print website:

First issue of the Journal for Civil and Human Rights is now available!

This year, the University of Illinois Press, with support from Sonoma State University, published the first issue of the Journal of Civil and Human Rights (JCHR). JCHR is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, academic journal dedicated to studying modern U.S.-based social justice movements and freedom struggles, including transnational ones, and their antecedents, influence, and legacies. The journal features research-based articles, interviews, editorials, and reviews of books, films, museum exhibits, and Web sites.

The journal’s editor, Michael Ezra says, “The Journal of Civil and Human Rights (JCHR) evolved from the idea that the civil rights struggle—the African American fight for justice and equality, writ large, beginning around the World War II era and moving toward the present—deserves its own peer-reviewed journal. Many people provided input into this project, which led to expanding the focus to include all twentieth-century U.S. social movements and freedom struggles for human rights, including transnational ones.

One of the keenest expectations I have for the journal is that it will showcase articles that reflect currency—not just the best in scholarship but also work that directly relates to the ongoing struggles for civil and human rights that flow from the past to the present. It is my hope, along with the editorial board, that the Journal of Civil and Human Rights becomes the publication of record for such activism, both then and now.”

You can subscribe to this exciting new title here.

You can also follow @CivilHumanRight on twitter!

The University of Illinois Press (UIP) welcomes the Journal of Mormon History as the newest addition to its journals program!

We are excited to welcome the Journal of Mormon History, the official publication of the Mormon History Association, to the University of Illinois Press.

The Mormon History Association (MHA) is currently in its 50th year and the Journal of Mormon History is celebrating its 41st. The annual meeting of the Mormon History Association recently took place in Provo, UT.

Dawn Durante, an Acquisitions Editor at the University of Illinois Press, traveled to the meeting and shared her thoughts on the Press blog. The Press recently published The Mormon Tabernacle Choir authored by Michael Hicks, the previous editor of the journal American Music, also published by UIP.

Press director Laurie Matheson remarked, “Illinois has been publishing in Mormon history since the mid-1980s, and we are thrilled to build on our commitment to the field by taking on publication of the Journal of Mormon History. This partnership between the Press and the MHA will secure a lasting foundation for the broader dissemination of excellent scholarship in Mormon history.”

The first issue published in partnership with the University of Illinois Press will released in April 2016. We are very excited to be working with the MHA and welcome the Journal of Mormon History to our journals program!

You can follow MHA on Facebook and on Twitter @MormonHistAssoc.

University of Illinois Press Welcomes New Director

Although we are a few days late, we have a special announcement regarding our new press director!

The UI journals division is pleased to welcome Laurie Matheson as new director of the Press. Laurie’s work in book acquisitions over nearly fourteen years has intersected with the societies and subject areas of several key journals, including Ethnomusicology, the Journal of American Folklore, The Black Music Research Journal, and more recently the Journal of Appalachian Studies. She is eager to support efforts by journals and books staff to expand cross marketing and other collaborations, building on strong subject area synergy between journals and books content and audiences.

Congratulations, Laurie!

News From the Music and the Moving Image Conference

By: Ariel Marx

The Music and the Moving Image Conference X was held at the New York University School of Steinhardt’s Department of Music and Performing Arts Professions on May 29th-31st, 2015.

The topic of this year’s conference was Psychology of Film Music, and featured keynote speaker Siu-Lan Tan, who presented “Psychology of Film Music: Framing Our Intuition.” Tan has been at Kalamazoo College since 1998, teaching various courses in developmental psychology, psychology of music, and creativity. Her research focuses on listeners’ perceptions of musical form and unity, graphic representations of music, and the role of sound in multimedia.

Over the weekend more than one hundred respected film music scholars gave presentations of their topic-related papers, including titles such as “Down Will Come Baby Cradle and All: Lullabies and the Perception of Childhood and Fear in Film” and “Can a Soundtrack Lie?: Musical Ruse in Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye.”

Additionally, the conference inspired the creation of a group of film music scholars and research-based psychologists to reach across the disciplines and facilitate an open dialogue between fields of study. This cross-discipline group will allow for meaningful collaboration between psychologists and film music scholars and will help to broaden topics and methodologies in future research. If you are interested in joining the group, please get in touch with Music and the Moving Image:

Subscription information can be found at