First issue of the Journal for Civil and Human Rights is now available!

This year, the University of Illinois Press, with support from Sonoma State University, published the first issue of the Journal of Civil and Human Rights (JCHR). JCHR is a peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, academic journal dedicated to studying modern U.S.-based social justice movements and freedom struggles, including transnational ones, and their antecedents, influence, and legacies. The journal features research-based articles, interviews, editorials, and reviews of books, films, museum exhibits, and Web sites.

The journal’s editor, Michael Ezra says, “The Journal of Civil and Human Rights (JCHR) evolved from the idea that the civil rights struggle—the African American fight for justice and equality, writ large, beginning around the World War II era and moving toward the present—deserves its own peer-reviewed journal. Many people provided input into this project, which led to expanding the focus to include all twentieth-century U.S. social movements and freedom struggles for human rights, including transnational ones.

One of the keenest expectations I have for the journal is that it will showcase articles that reflect currency—not just the best in scholarship but also work that directly relates to the ongoing struggles for civil and human rights that flow from the past to the present. It is my hope, along with the editorial board, that the Journal of Civil and Human Rights becomes the publication of record for such activism, both then and now.”

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