Transactions of the Illinois State Historical Society
for the Year 1904

Electronic Edition

The 200th anniversary commemoration of the War of 1812 and the publication of Gillum Ferguson's Illinois in the War of 1812 by the University of Illinois Press has sparked renewed interest in the Midwest about the international conflict that helped forged the United States of America. Frank E. Stevens's article, "Illinois in the War of 1812–1814," which appeared in "Transactions of the Illinois State Historical Society for the Year 1904," was the first scholarly study of the future Prairie State's involvement in the war, and it still is an informative, engaging read. Independent of and as a supplement to Mr. Ferguson's book, it is an invaluable reference tool, and an excellent example of early 20th-century historical research based on the available resources of the time. We sincerely hope online publication of this valuable resource encourages scholars around the nation to revisit the Old Northwest Territory and to further explore the history of Illinois.

William Furry
Executive Director
Illinois State Historical Society


Publication No.9 of the Illinois State Historical Library (24.2 MB)




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