Editors & Editorial Board

Jazz and Culture


     Dr. Michael Heller, University of Pittsburgh

Editorial Board
     Ms. Geri Allen, University of Pittsburgh
     Dean Larry E. Davis, University of Pittsburgh
     Dr. Dwight Andrews, Emory University
     Mr. Herb Boyd, Author/Journalist, City College of New York
     Dr. Kent Engelhardt, Youngstown State University
     Dr. Gary Fienberg, The College of New Jersey
     Dr. Farah Jasmine Griffin, Columbia University
     Mr. Mike Hennessey, Freelance Writer and Producer
     Dr. Vijay Iyer, Harvard University
     Dr. Travis A. Jackson, University of Chicago
     Dr. Robin D.G. Kelley, UCLA
     Dr. George E. Lewis, Columbia University
     Dr. Portia K. Maultsby, Indiana University
     Dr. Ingrid Monson, Harvard University
     Mr. Lester Monts, University of Michigan
     Mr. Dave Pistolesi, University of Pittsburgh (retired)
     Dr. Guthrie Ramsey, University of Pennsylvania
     Dr. Robert Sacre, University of Liege
     Mr. Ed Sarath, University of Michigan

University of Pittsburgh Jazz Studies Department

Core Faculty:
     Geri Allen
     Michael Heller
     Aaron Johnson


     Frank Hammond Jr.

Contact information:
     Jazz Studies
     University of Pittsburgh
     130A Music Building
     4337 Fifth Avenue
     Pittsburgh, PA 15260

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