Editors & Editorial Board

Journal of Book of Mormon Studies


     Joseph M. Spencer, Brigham Young University

Associate Editors
     Matthew Bowman, Henderson State University
     Amy Easton-Flake, Brigham Young University
     Jacob Rennaker, John A. Widtsoe Foundation
     Andrew Smith, Brigham Young University
     Rosalynde Welch, Independent Scholar

Book Review Editor
     Janiece Johnson, Brigham Young University-Idaho

Journal Advisory Board
     D. Morgan Davis, Neal A. Maxwell Institute
     Elizabeth Fenton, University of Vermont
     Paul Gutjahr,Indiana University
     Kristian Heal, Neal A. Maxwell Institute
     Kerry Hull, Brigham Young University
     Robin Jensen, Joseph Smith Papers
     Patrick Q. Mason, Claremont Graduate University
     Max Perry Mueller, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
     Tammi J. Schneider, Claremont Graduate University
     John Christopher Thomas, Pentecostal Theological Seminary and Bangor University

Editors Emeriti
     Stephen D. Ricks
     John L. Sorenson
     S. Kent Brown
     Andrew Hedges
     Paul Y. Hoskisson
     Brian M. Hauglid




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