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Submission Guidelines

All submissions to the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies should be submitted to

1. The Journal of Book of Mormon Studies publishes work that expands knowledge of the contexts (historical, linguistic, literary, social, cultural, theological, etc.) within which the text of the Book of Mormon originated and has subsequently been interpreted. Submissions are welcome from a variety of subdisciplines, including textual criticism, literary study, reception history, theological interpretation, and comparative scripture, among others. The journal publishes research articles, research notes, book reviews, review essays, literature reviews, and interviews. Primarily homiletic or devotional manuscripts are a better fit for other publishing venues.

2. The journal serves a general readership, including scholars interested in the Book of Mormon as an object of research and lay readers hoping to learn more about their sacred text. It thus aims at producing top-rate scholarship working at the highest academic level, even as it asks contributors to recognize the ethical complexity of dealing with a text held sacred by believers. Submissions should be attuned to both audiences.

3. Submissions must include an abstract of 100-150 words along with a complete manuscript, prepared for blind review. Where applicable, authors should provide information about copyright permissions in advance. Authors must disclose the previous publication of any material in their submissions.

4. Manuscripts submitted as full research articles are ideally between 6000 and 10,000 words (footnotes included). Briefer research notes should not exceed 3500 words (footnotes included). Authors interested in reviewing books or writing literature reviews for the journal should contact the editor at

5. Submissions should follow the Chicago Manual of Style. (A few exceptions to the Chicago Manual of Style are unique to the Journal of Book of Mormon Studies, but these are added after acceptance for publication.)

6. Research articles are double-blind peer reviewed, while reviews and research notes are reviewed by the editor and associate editors. Authors should expect a preliminary response from the editor or an associate editor within two weeks of submission. The review process usually requires a few months to be completed. Queries can be directed to the journal.s editor at

7. The Journal of Book of Mormon Studies substantially altered its format and scope in 2014, beginning with volume 23 of the journal. Interested authors hoping to compare their work with past issues of the journal are recommended to consult issues since that reformatting. Archived issues are available for free.

8. The author bears primary responsibility for verifying the accuracy of all quotations, citations, and sources.

9. Submission files should be in Microsoft Word-compatible formats (doc, docx, rtf). Where non-Latin fonts or characters are used, a pdf file should also be provided.


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