Film, Museum and Media Review Submission Guidelines

Journal of Sport History

You must contact the FMMR editor BEFORE submitting a review. The FMMR Editor is Travis Vogan []. Please contact him about FMMR submissions.

As always when writing, keep your audience in mind: your colleagues in the historical and socio-cultural study of sport.
Please go beyond plot summary and engage with the issues raised by the film(s)/exhibit(s) under consideration and the choices made by their directors and curators. Ideally you will engage with the historical issues raised, but JSH is open to a broader interrogation of socio-cultural issues.


These word lengths are guidelines, but do what you can to adhere to them as closely as possible:
For reviews of single films and museum or online exhibits: 750-1000 words
For reviews of two films or exhibits: 1250-1500 words
For essays on three or more films: 1500-2000 words


If you find it necessary to include citations within your review, please use endnotes in the Chicago style.
Please include a full citation for the media under review at the beginning of your review. Samples are below.

Film review
History of Physical Education in the United States
(2005). Written, produced and directed by James Holzknecht.
Castalia Media.
Distributed by Insight Media. 30 mins.

Media review
National Sport Information Centre in Australia

Museum review
National Italian American Sports Hall of Fame
1431 W. Taylor Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Telephone: (312) 226-5566; FAX: (312) 226-5678;
Website: <> [12 May 2007]
Open: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and Saturday
and Sunday 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Private tours are available.
Handicapped accessible.
Admission: $5.00.

Please include your name as you wish it to appear, along with your institutional affiliation.

Deadline and Submission
Submit your review within three months of receiving these guidelines. If you find yourself unable to complete this review, please let the FMMR Editor know as soon as possible.



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