the University of Illinois Press Centennial

U of I Press iPad Giveaway Book List

Three separate online giveaway contests for Apple iPads will include the 100 UIP books listed below. The first drawing runs through May 1, 2018, so sign up now!


African American/African/Diaspora Studies

1.    Beck, Daisy Turner's Kin
2.    Canavan, Octavia E. Butler
3.    Cooper, Beyond Respectability
4.    Gill, Beauty Shop Politics
5.    Harris, Sex Workers, Psychics, and Numbers Runners
6.    Hine & McCluskey, Black Chicago Renaissance
7.    Holsaert, Hands on the Freedom Plow
8.    Lewis, King: A Biography
9.    Mitchell, Living with Lynching
10.  Mustakeem, Slavery at Sea
11.  Stallings, Funk the Erotic
12.  Wright, Black Girlhood in the Nineteenth Century


13.  Burnham, Greg Egan
14.  Dominguez and Desmond, Global Perspectives on the US
15.  Eller, Becoming Ray Bradbury
16.  Jockers, Macroanalysis
17.  Lucero, Mere and Easy
18.  Seymour, Strange Natures
19.  Shapiro, Fe-Lines

Asian American Studies

20.  Chang, Chino
21.  Ty, Asianfail

Film, Media, and Communications

22.  Brunette, Wong Kar-wai
23.  Dunn, Baaad Bitches and Sassy Supermamas
24.  Levine, Cupcakes, Pinterest, and Ladyporn
25.  McGowan, Spike Lee
26.  Miklitsch, Kiss the Blood Off of My Hands
27.  Naremore, The Magic World of Orson Welles
28.  Qui, Goodbye iSlave
29.  Shannon, The Mathematical Theory of Communication
30.  Williams, Germaine Dulac
31.  Wolfson, Digital Rebellion

Food/Regional/Regional Trade

32.  Agnew, A Perfect Pint's Beer Guide to the Heartland
33.  AIA, AIA Guide to Chicago
34.  Albala, Noodle Soup
35.  Begin, Taste of the Nation
36.  Civitello, Baking Powder Wars
37.  Gradel, Corrupt Illinois
38.  Guerbert, The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey
39.  Haddix et al., The Chicago Food Encyclopedia
40.  Jeffords and Post, Curious Encounters with the Natural World
41.  Julier, Eating Together
42.  McBriarty, Chicago River Bridges
43.  McFarland, Edible Wild Mushrooms of Illinois & Surrounding States
44.  Tate & Franch, An Illini Place


45.  Burch & Rembis, Disability History
46.  Classen, The Deepest Sense
47.  Daniels, Franklin D. Roosevelt, The War Years
48.  Faith, Behind the Gas Mask
49.  Fluckey, Thunder Below!
50.  Formisano, American Oligarchy
51.  Hickey, The War of 1812
52.  Lause, Free Labor
53.  Pagano, Remaking the Urban Social Contract
54.  Prusin, Serbia under the Swastika
55.  Stanley, The Loyal West
56.  Stearns, Shame
57.  Wilson & Davis, Herndon on Lincoln


58.  Bukowczyk, Immigrant Identity and the Politics of Citizenship
59.  Feurer and Pearson, Against Labor
60.  Flores-Gonzalez et al., Immigrant Women Workers in the Neoliberal Age
61.  Green and Waldinger, A Century of Transnationalism
62.  N., Illegal

Latino/Latin American Studies

63.  Delgadillo, Latina Lives in Milwaukee
64.  Hochman, The Sanitation of Brazil
65.  Williams, Sex Tourism in Bahia


66.  Amico, Roll Over, Tchaikovsky!
67.  Beal, Carla Bley
68.  Caps, Henry Mancini
69.  Dirst, Bach and the Organ
70.  Freedman, Peggy Seeger
71.  Goins, Blues All Day Long
72.  Greensmith, Rowe & Camarigg, Blues Unlimited
73.  Guy, The Magic of Beverly Sills
74.  Harper, Waiting for Buddy Guy
75.  Marovich, A City Called Heaven
76.  Mirchandani, Marga Ricter
77.  Nettl, Nettl's Elephant
78.  Straw & Blethen, High Mountains Rising
79.  Wade, The Beautiful Music All around Us
80.  White, From Jim Crow to Jay-Z


81.  Hardy, Book of Mormon
82.  Howlett, Kirtland Temple
83.  Pinder, Painting the Gospel
84.  Ntarangwi, The Street is My Pulpit
85.  Welker, Baring Witness


86.  Shattuck, Bloomer Girls
87.  Socolow, Six Minutes in Berlin
88.  Sullivan, Rocky Marciano
89.  Vogan, ESPN

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

90.  Astell, Some Reflections Upon Marriage
91.  Beauvoir, Feminist Writings
92.  Bell, Our Roots Run Deep as Ironweed
93.  Brandzel, Against Citizenship
94.  Haugeberg, Women against Abortion
95.  Keating, Transformation Now!
96.  Misri, Beyond Partition
97.  Robb, Ladies of the Ticker
98.  Subramaniam, Ghost Stories for Darwin
99.  Thompson, Teaching with Tenderness
100. Wollstonecraft, Original Stories from Real Life