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In book publishing we’re busy talking about the need to expand our social networking efforts, to create online communities around books and authors, to consider content from the customer’s perspective and build it from there. With absolute respect to the … Continue reading

Below are snippets of an e-mail conversation I recently had with a philosophy journal author regarding the copyedited version of his article. Author: Here are my responses regarding the editorial corrections. I hope I responded to everything. I suspect that … Continue reading

Those of you who are worried about the future of print publishing–well, stop! I found, via the awesome MobyLives blog, the perfect solution to those who say you can’t travel easily with a bunch of non-digital books. Behold, the Archive … Continue reading

Thanks to Tony over at the Penn State Press blog for bringing this video, apparently from a Dorling Kindersley sales conference, to my attention. Perfect food for thought late on a Friday afternoon as I prepare to talk about marketing to a publishing … Continue reading

Simon Mackie at the New York Times shares his top ten Google tricks, which include currency conversion, area-code lookup, and calculation (which makes me worry about how many first-graders are doing their subtraction homework with Uncle Google).

A blogger at The Urbana Free Library compares the fate of the wondrous library in ancient Alexandria with the squeeze being put on today’s public libraries in the wake of the global recession. We may not be forced from our positions at … Continue reading

Today I attended a UIP brown bag lunch about social media sites and how we can use these sites to better promote UIP and its books and journals (and, in turn, its authors and editors).* Of course the talk eventually … Continue reading

Today’s Inside Higher Ed featured a story about the quarterly journal, The Mariner’s Mirror (published by the British-based Society for Nautical Research), and its honorary editor’s dissatisfaction with the quality of recent submissions to the journal. In an editorial in … Continue reading

  On Monday, several gracious UIP employees volunteered to answer phones for WILL-TV‘s Winter Pledge Drive. As we answered phones and filled out pledge forms (on camera!), we listened to programs featuring Red Grange; the University of Illinois marching band; … Continue reading

Among the many stories generated by the Tiger Woods debacle is this one from the Chronicle’s Tweed column.  A book in the floorboard of the famously wrecked Escalade appears in a photo published widely by news outlets. That book is the … Continue reading