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My favorite story of the last couple of weeks is about Watson, the I.B.M. supercomputer who’s been working out on pro-grade Jeopardy players in real-time test matches. The idea is to fine tune him for a series of televised matches … Continue reading

The Summer issue of the Journal of American Ethnic History presents a special feature on “Homoerotic, Lesbian, and Gay Ethnic and Immigrant Histories.” Guest Editor Horacio Roque Ramírez writes in his introduction: As we continue to dig into the histories … Continue reading

On first blush, the results of the PLoS ONE study by Daniele Fanelli don’t seem so surprising: Researcher productivity positively correlates with experimental finds that support a given hypothesis. What stands behind this, though, is a general, cross-discipline, elephantine bias: … Continue reading

If you stand in the UIP parking lot and face northwest, the first thing you are likely to see, there beyond the Illinois Central Gulf Railroad tracks, is the latest graffiti creations on the back of the Verizon Wireless store, … Continue reading

The April issue of American Philosophical Quarterly ships this week, and as usual the contents list is top shelf: Clare Batty: “Scents and Sensibilia” Andrew Cullison: “Two Solutions to the Problem of Divine Hiddenness” Howard J. Curzer: “An Aristotelian Critique … Continue reading

Mammoth had a piece last week about the intersection between book design and architecture in the form of the Large Higgs Field Galactic Archive. Less a library than a holographic depiction of everything in the galaxy ever, the LHFGA is … Continue reading

The Millions website has an interesting piece about book piracy plus an interview with someone who makes ebook files illegally and shares them across BitTorrent. According to the piece, book piracy now carves out $3 billion a year in potential … Continue reading

Cory Doctorow over at Boing Boing notes that 98% of all work currently protected by copyright are “orphaned”—protected from indiscriminate use but with no author or estate to uphold the responsibilities of ownership. The result, as The Public Domain spells … Continue reading

I recently came across an item from the University of Padova in Italy: a collection of 56 wooden books about trees. Rather than pages, each book contains physical evidence of the tree from which its wooden cover was made as … Continue reading

The story of academic research giant Elsevier producing a fake research journal (the Australasian Journal of Bone and Joint Medicine) to promote drugs for the Merck corporation has been making the rounds for the last month or so, but it … Continue reading