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In today’s Inside Higher Ed, Scott Jaschik reported on sessions taking place at the Modern Language Association’s annual meeting discussing the role of traditional blind peer review in scholarly publications in light of the ever-evolving digital landscape for current and … Continue reading

I work on a number of journals here, journals covering diverse topics, and the variety is really interesting.  Some articles stick with me for a long time. Yesterday I had an e-mail from Linda Pershing, and though her article on … Continue reading

After such a trying and tumultuous year, we in Journals thought we would lighten the mood a bit by showing you how we truly embody the holiday spirit (faces blurred to protect the innocent).* Best wishes to you and yours … Continue reading

We’re very pleased to announce a new partnership with the Illinois State Historical Society. Beginning in 2012, UIP will publish the distinguished  Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society as well as distribute the Society’s popular magazine, Illinois Heritage. The … Continue reading

Among several of our journal titles to feature archival materials, American Literary Realism (ALR) focuses on works published between 1870 and 1910. An occasional challenge in working with this sort of research is the condition of illustrations. Not only were … Continue reading

Last month, Lisa S. told us about Aaron Swartz, the media hacktivist from Harvard who attempted to slip off with JSTOR’s inventory of academic research articles using MIT’s computer network. The MIT newspaper The Tech has a good summary of … Continue reading

I just signed off on the printer proofs for Radical Teacher 91 today, and it’s another fascinating issue. Here’s the cover, which was created by Cecilia de Corral:   And herewith, the feature contents for Radical Teacher 91: “Abolition From … Continue reading

Today’s Inside Higher Ed reports on the grand jury indictment of Aaron Swartz, a 24-year-old programmer and online political activist who is accused of illegally using an MIT guest account to download millions of journal articles from JSTOR, the premier … Continue reading

The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Page View blog looks at the recent controversy over the new Journal of Animal Ethics. “Fur has flown since the editors of the Journal of Animal Ethics presumed to introduce their new publication with a … Continue reading

Shipping this week, the July issue of American Philosophical Quarterly features articles on the life and work of American philosopher W.V. Quine. Among the contributors is former Quine student and co-founder of the Center for Cognitive Studies, Daniel Dennett. Coincidently, I came … Continue reading