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An NPR piece from July 8, 2010, Stanford Ushers In The Age Of Bookless Libraries, continues the e-book conversation. Library chief Helen Josephine says that in the past five years, most engineering periodicals have been moved online, making their print versions … Continue reading

My favorite story of the last couple of weeks is about Watson, the I.B.M. supercomputer who’s been working out on pro-grade Jeopardy players in real-time test matches. The idea is to fine tune him for a series of televised matches … Continue reading

The local newspaper, The News-Gazette, has a feature story this morning on the University’s pursuit of an open source textbook model. The leader of the initiative, Charles Evans, is considering the University of Illinois Press in the plans. There are … Continue reading

The June 14, 2010, issue of Publishers Weekly includes a long piece on the university press suit of Georgia State University. The case, known as Cambridge University Press, et al. v. Patton et al., involves a popular practice known as … Continue reading

Inside Higher Ed reports today on the use of e-textbooks at for-profit universities. E-textbooks might be the most-talked about and least-used learning tools in traditional higher education. Campus libraries and e-reader manufacturers are betting on electronic learning materials to overtake … Continue reading

Thanks to Tony over at the Penn State Press blog for bringing this video, apparently from a Dorling Kindersley sales conference, to my attention. Perfect food for thought late on a Friday afternoon as I prepare to talk about marketing to a publishing … Continue reading

Simon Mackie at the New York Times shares his top ten Google tricks, which include currency conversion, area-code lookup, and calculation (which makes me worry about how many first-graders are doing their subtraction homework with Uncle Google).

Inside Higher Ed reports today on a copyright case at UCLA.  The school offers password protected access to assigned films for students to view outside the classroom on their personal computers.  Distributors of this product are concerned that this exceeds the … Continue reading

Inside Higher Ed reports that the University of Chicago Press has launched an online forum for discussion about (or is it “of”?) The Chicago Manual of Style (and other matters).  “People pressed for it for a long time, saying it would help … Continue reading

A roundup of recent publishing news: The Chronicle of Higher Education reports on the growth of open access scholarly journals and publisher efforts to stop book piracy, The Electronic Frontier Foundation discusses digital book buying, and Huffington Post provides a forum for … Continue reading