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  Last week, Lisa Bayer passed along a link to a Chronicle of Higher Education article by Tushar Rae about the issue of citation standards for e-books: since e-text reflows based on a user’s preference settings, what’s the best way … Continue reading

About the book again: I hardly ever keep books around unless I really plan to read or reread them, and I admit I don’t entirely understand the collector mentality. Books seem to go through some transformation after setting in one … Continue reading

Those of you who are worried about the future of print publishing–well, stop! I found, via the awesome MobyLives blog, the perfect solution to those who say you can’t travel easily with a bunch of non-digital books. Behold, the Archive … Continue reading

Today I attended a UIP brown bag lunch about social media sites and how we can use these sites to better promote UIP and its books and journals (and, in turn, its authors and editors).* Of course the talk eventually … Continue reading