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It is seldom mentioned that cats are one of the great lawyers of the animal kingdom. Say “no” to a cat and it will look at you with an expression that answers: “Please define ‘no.’” And so on. I don’t think … Continue reading

One of the wonderful things about independent bookstores is the opportunity for discovery. Is there a better feeling than walking among rows of texts and spying that one spine that calls out to be read? Whatever might pique interest—from an evocative … Continue reading

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has released his first major statement on animal welfare in the UIP book The Global Guide to Animal Protection. In the Foreword of the Guide Tutu writes: . . . . there are other issues of justice—not … Continue reading

The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Page View blog looks at the recent controversy over the new Journal of Animal Ethics. “Fur has flown since the editors of the Journal of Animal Ethics presumed to introduce their new publication with a … Continue reading

More and more we read and hear about the treachery of the corn-based biofuel, ethanol.  Authors and commentators report that ethanol production is stealing corn from the mouths of the hungry, driving up food prices—exacerbating poverty and causing yet more … Continue reading