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In today’s Inside Higher Ed, Scott Jaschik reported on sessions taking place at the Modern Language Association’s annual meeting discussing the role of traditional blind peer review in scholarly publications in light of the ever-evolving digital landscape for current and … Continue reading

After such a trying and tumultuous year, we in Journals thought we would lighten the mood a bit by showing you how we truly embody the holiday spirit (faces blurred to protect the innocent).* Best wishes to you and yours … Continue reading

Hey there, check out UIP‘s winter wonderland decorations. It’s getting cold outside, and word is that there will be a dusting of snow tonight in our neck of the woods. So grab your scarves and mittens and take a peek … Continue reading

Today’s Inside Higher Ed reports on the grand jury indictment of Aaron Swartz, a 24-year-old programmer and online political activist who is accused of illegally using an MIT guest account to download millions of journal articles from JSTOR, the premier … Continue reading

All apologies to any loyal readers of JEGP who were at the New York Public Library a couple of weekends ago hoping to spend the day with an archived issue. But I hope you enjoyed the performance from the Elevator Repair … Continue reading

Today’s Inside Higher Ed features a report on the brouhaha caused by a special disclaimer that three regular editors of Synthese (a journal focusing on the philosophy of science) slapped on the print edition of a recent guest-edited issue titled … Continue reading

For readers 17 or younger (if we have any): RT @slate: RT @nytimes: kidz diss blogs 4 #fb and #twitter  For those between the ages of 34 and 73: So apparently youngsters are moving in droves to sites like Facebook and Twitter … Continue reading

Today’s Inside Higher Ed features an interesting article about a new study that has raised doubts about the so-called “citation advantage” for scholars publishing in open-access journals as opposed to subscription-based journals. The question of “Does online access boost citations?” … Continue reading

Working at a press that publishes both books and journals is great because it’s a world populated with many different subjects, authors, blog posts, etc. But in the journals department, one can often seem a bit isolated from the books … Continue reading

Late last week, several media news outlets, including the Chicago Tribune and NPR, reported on the impending retirement of University of Illinois at Chicago professor William Ayers. Most of the news snippets made note of his controversial past as co-founder … Continue reading