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Last month, Lisa S. told us about Aaron Swartz, the media hacktivist from Harvard who attempted to slip off with JSTOR’s inventory of academic research articles using MIT’s computer network. The MIT newspaper The Tech has a good summary of … Continue reading

I just signed off on the printer proofs for Radical Teacher 91 today, and it’s another fascinating issue. Here’s the cover, which was created by Cecilia de Corral:   And herewith, the feature contents for Radical Teacher 91: “Abolition From … Continue reading

Shipping this week, the July issue of American Philosophical Quarterly features articles on the life and work of American philosopher W.V. Quine. Among the contributors is former Quine student and co-founder of the Center for Cognitive Studies, Daniel Dennett. Coincidently, I came … Continue reading

Last week, Physorg presented details about a breakthrough at our very own Research I university here in Urbana-Champaign: a ball-point pen that can draw working circuits on standard paper. What’s more, the paper can be folded hundreds of times with … Continue reading

Last week, the following press release about the first issue of the Journal of Animal Ethics caught the attention of the UK press: Animal Language Sends Wrong Message A call for a new “animal language” has been made by some of … Continue reading

  The media geniuses at 360Cities have produced a 40 gigapixel image of the Strahov Monastery Library in the Czech Republic. Link to the 360Cities image. Via Boing Boing.

In the March 14 issue of The New Yorker, Jill Lepore cites The American Journal of Psychology in the opening paragraph of her article about G. Stanley Hall and the psychology of growing old (“Twilight: Growing Old and Even Older”). … Continue reading

  Last week, Lisa Bayer passed along a link to a Chronicle of Higher Education article by Tushar Rae about the issue of citation standards for e-books: since e-text reflows based on a user’s preference settings, what’s the best way … Continue reading

About the book again: I hardly ever keep books around unless I really plan to read or reread them, and I admit I don’t entirely understand the collector mentality. Books seem to go through some transformation after setting in one … Continue reading

Best PSA of the year: “Embrace Life” by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. The orange octopus, the hallucinatory wallpaper, the looks of grief, dread, shame. Regard the man’s pose of existential paralysis, his fists raised in the posture of the … Continue reading