Cover for Jones: Country Music Humorists and Comedians. Click for larger imageLoyal Jones, author of the new book Country Music Humorists and Comedians, is featured in an interview on the Music Tomes site.

MT: During a time when there was great political and social upheaval, Hee-Haw appeared on the scene. It was given bad reviews by many in the press on either coast, but caught on with viewers and ran for 24 years. During that time of change, why do you think many middle Americans took to the show?

LJ: I think that many were harking backward to a simpler time when people had fun together and didn’t take themselves too seriously. Everybody knew it was a make-believe world, but once a week, they willingly and joyfully entered that world and refreshed themselves, just like beleaguered people in the Great Depression rejuvenated themselves in the old country music and comedy shows. Most people are too serious-minded or sophisticated to dress up in funny clothing and act silly, but they enjoy watching others do it.”

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