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The second in our series of posts on how university presses and other small publishing concerns can enjoy greater financial security by creating new revenue streams. The introductory post is here. Strategy No. 2: Charity single Which charity, you ask? Your … Continue reading

In the temperate zone of North America, June is busting out all over. The tree near the railroad tracks spreads its verdant canopy over lunchtime picnickers. Staff gardener Margo tirelessly plows and prunes and plants in the tiny garden plot … Continue reading

The University of Illinois Press, like most academic and small publishing concerns, faces an uncertain fiscal environment that depends on many factors—politics, capitalism, snack machine revenue—beyond our control. Throughout the AAUP, indeed throughout the academy, managers and staffers alike incessantly search for … Continue reading

From wunderkind to auteur to pop culture curiosity, Orson Welles traveled fame’s full arc. It is a credit to his genius that, despite a marriage to Rita Heyworth and a dismal work-for-hire life that included cheap wine ads, we remember … Continue reading

Dear Bolshevik, With spring nearly here, I am suddenly facing the prospect that I will, in fact, graduate from college and have to find a job. I have spent the last four years earning a liberal arts degree and, as … Continue reading

Meet the UI Press is a recurring feature that delves into issues affecting publishing. Today, industry advice columnist The Bolshevik answers your questions. Dear Bolshevik, Why was my manuscript not published? Signed, Confused in Cultural Studies Confused: Thank you for writing. … Continue reading