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Willis Regier, Director Best Book: John Kenneth Galbraith, The Affluent Society & Other Writings, 1952-1967, Library of America.  I read Galbraith’s The New Industrial State when everybody was reading it and forgot most of it.  The Library of America’s new … Continue reading

It’s been 60+ degrees this week so I haven’t been thinking much about the upcoming holidays.  However, my favorite post every year is the Press’ end-of-the-year collection of staff favorites.  Spoiler alert: Joanna Newsom remains #1 on my favorite CD list. Colleagues, begin … Continue reading

Best PSA of the year: “Embrace Life” by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership. The orange octopus, the hallucinatory wallpaper, the looks of grief, dread, shame. Regard the man’s pose of existential paralysis, his fists raised in the posture of the … Continue reading

Michael Roux, Publicity Manager Favorite CD:  Joanna Newsom–Have One On Me Favorite Song: Joanna Newsom-’81 Favorite Cover Version: The Angry Whistler–’81

Willis Regier, Director Favorite Book:  THE 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS, translated by Malcolm C. Lyons and Ursula Lyons.  Penguin 2008, three volumes.   I had always wanted to read the NIGHTS straight through instead of at random as I had in the … Continue reading

Following my first stab at remembering 50 Bands I’ve Seen, I obsessed for 24 hours to come up with the bands that I had forgotten.  I have finally compiled the additional list.  How I missed some of these the first … Continue reading

It’s not time for our 2009 end-of-the-year favorites yet but blogs at the Los Angeles Times and NPR’s All Songs Considered have me thinking. LA Times posted a list yesterday titled The 46 Essential Rock Reads. No UIP titles are included but maybe one … Continue reading

Willis Regier, Director Favorite Book: Julian Barnes – Nothing to Be Frightened Of Barnes’s book looks at old questions about how to live with death and dying.  He has short narratives on the deaths of the famous and forgotten, with thoughts … Continue reading

Willis Regier, Director Favorite Book:   Joe Sacco, PALESTINE:  THE SPECIAL EDITION Favorite CD:   Arcade Fire:  NEON BIBLE Favorite Movie:   CASINO ROYALE Favorite Live Performance:   Moises Kaufman, DIABELLI VARIATIONS, University of Illinois Theatre Workshop Lisa Savage, Journals Production Editor Favorite book: … Continue reading