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Book lovers enjoy writing/talking about the sanctity of books. The tactile pleasure. The superiority of the physical object to the ethereal electronic version. The knowledge. The immersive experience. The old friend thing. But the time comes when every bibliophile must face … Continue reading

Master songsmith Cole Porter is no longer around to play command performances or record duets with pop stars. But the music lives on. Yesterday Susan Forscher Weiss, an editor of A Cole Porter Companion (along with Don M. Randel and Matthew Shaftel) … Continue reading

Meet the UI Press is a recurring feature that delves into issues affecting academic publishing, writing, education, and related topics. Today, industry advice columnist The Bolshevik answers your questions. Dear Bolshevik, I read the other day that Amazon intends to … Continue reading

You’ve heard some version of the rumors by now. Amazon, online giga-retailer to us all, intends to open brick-and-mortar bookstores that may or may not expand upon the ideas found in the Seattle bookstore it opened in 2015. (That is, offering book … Continue reading