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Today’s post is by Gerry Canavan, author of the new UIP book Octavia E. Butler. Canavan is an assistant professor of twentieth- and twenty-first-century literature at Marquette University, specializing in science fiction. He blogs at gerrycanavan.wordpress.com and tweets at @gerrycanavan. As with similarly uncanny … Continue reading

Octavia Butler accomplished many near-impossibles. She succeeded as a woman in science fiction. She succeeded as an African American woman in science fiction. She also broke out of the genre’s restraints to earn attention in the American literary sphere. It … Continue reading

Last week Gerry Canavan, author of the upcoming UIP book on SF master Octavia Butler, shared his thoughts on the most auspicious anniversary of the year. As you may have heard, Star Trek is turning 50 this month. Fifty! Even a man … Continue reading