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Sexual Politics

One of, if not the most important works on women’s liberation, this book is once again back in print and is an essential piece of twentieth-century history and politics

Praised and denounced when it was first published in 1970, Sexual Politics not only explored history but also became part of it. Kate Millett's groundbreaking book fueled feminism's second wave, giving voice to the anger of a generation while documenting the inequities--neatly packaged in revered works of literature and art--of a complacent and unrepentant society.

Sexual Politics laid the foundation for subsequent feminist scholarship by showing how cultural discourse reflects a systematized subjugation and exploitation of women. Identifying patriarchy as a socially conditioned belief system masquerading as nature, Millett demonstrates in detail how its attitudes and systems penetrate literature, philosophy, psychology, and politics. Her incendiary work rocked the foundations of the literary canon by castigating time-honored classics--from D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover to Norman Mailer's The Naked and the Dead --for their use of sex to degrade and undermine women.

A new introduction to this edition draws attention to some of the forms patriarchy has taken recently in consolidating its oppressive and dangerous control.

"The first scholarly justification for women's liberation."--Christian Science Monitor

"A richly informative book."--Book World

Kate Millett is the author of many books, including Sita, Flying, and The Loony Bin Trip.

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