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Corrupt Illinois

Patronage, Cronyism, and Criminality

Thomas J. Gradel and Dick Simpson

Ray Bradbury

David Seed

Sounds of the New Deal

The Federal Music Project in the West

Peter Gough

Midwest Maize

How Corn Shaped the U.S. Heartland

Cynthia Clampitt

Before the Ivy

The Cubs' Golden Age in Pre-Wrigley Chicago

Laurent Pernot

Covering Bin Laden

Global Media and the World's Most Wanted Man

Edited by Susan Jeffords and Fahed Al-Sumait

Stunning Males and Powerful Females

Gender and Tradition in East Javanese Dance

Christina Sunardi


Larry Kanfer with Alaina Kanfer

Lorado Taft

The Chicago Years

Allen Stuart Weller Edited by Robert G. La France and Henry Adams with Stephen P. Thomas

African Americans in U.S. Foreign Policy

From the Era of Frederick Douglass to the Age of Obama

Edited by Linda Heywood, Allison Blakely, Charles Stith, and Joshua C. Yesnowitz

Disability Histories

Edited by Susan Burch and Michael Rembis

Building Filipino Hawai‘i

Roderick N. Labrador

Scripts of Blackness

Race, Cultural Nationalism, and U.S. Colonialism in Puerto Rico

Isar P. Godreau

Digital Rebellion

The Birth of the Cyber Left

Todd Wolfson

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The Stanley Brothers on the record Gary B. Reid’s introduction to the Stanley Brothers was a used record he picked up for 33 cents in 1973. That modest investment launched Reid on an odyssey that would culminate in “what just might be the definitive history of … Continue reading

$2.99 e-book sale to celebrate Women’s History Month For the month of March 2015, to coincide with Women’s History Month, we have lowered the e-book list price of four titles in the University of Illinois Press catalog to $2.99. Anna Howard Shaw: The Work of Woman Suffrage by … Continue reading

Don’t forget the Motor City Tonight, 300 public television stations will unleash a coast-to-coast replay of the classic Motown 25 special from 1983. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk, reunions of Diana Ross and the Supremes and label-mates Smokey Robinson and the Miracles—trust us, children, it was a big deal at the … Continue reading

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