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Ethan Watters at The Rumpus on 10 Things You Should Know Before going on The Daily Show. 3. You will only see the set 30 seconds before you walk on. When they need you, a production assistant will lead you … Continue reading

To all of my listen-to-music-in-the-background-at-work colleagues, I recommend Pandora Radio. Yesterday I typed in “River Man” by Nick Drake and received a steady stream of minor key, folky, singer-songwriterly stuff with string arrangements—Nico, Michael Chapman, Cat Stevens, Leonard Cohen, Terry Reid, Noe Venable (new to … Continue reading

Among the many stories generated by the Tiger Woods debacle is this one from the Chronicle’s Tweed column.  A book in the floorboard of the famously wrecked Escalade appears in a photo published widely by news outlets. That book is the … Continue reading

Salon reviews The Lexicographer’s Dilemma by Rutgers English professor Jack Lynch. Which brings us back to those split infinitives, the most famous of which is spoken by William Shatner in the opening credits of the TV series “Star Trek”: “To … Continue reading

Make your own academic sentence. Look what I came up with in just a few clicks: The reification of post-capitalist hegemony may be parsed as the historicization of the gendered body.

Memo to anyone contributing comments to our blog posts To assure passage through our powerful filters, please do not use the following words (incomplete list): acai, tramadol, soma, ephedrine, Xanax, ambien, timex, ringtones, cialis, poker, viagra, casino, porn, payday, pharmacy, prescription, … Continue reading

What?! Matthew McConaughey to star in film adaptation of our book Lincoln the Lawyer?? Oops, no. Shelf Awareness reports that Tommy Lee Jones is slated to direct McConaughey in a film version of Michael Connelly’s The Lincoln Lawyer. All is back to normal … Continue reading

Yesterday, during a transmittal meeting, we spent some time discussing the subtitle of a forthcoming book. Was it as lively as the book’s content? Should we use the word “steel” in the title and the subtitle? What would the author prefer? … Continue reading

What does your bookcase say about you? I have a few Billys but they hold CDs. Many of my books are stored in the garage waiting for that custom built shelf that never seems to get funded.

-Columbia University Press blog highlights another perspective on scholarly publishing. -Harvard University Press launches site for A New Literary History of America. -NYU Press’s From the Square features Confessions of a NYU Press Intern. -Penn State University Press blog considers Yale … Continue reading