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Question: Is it possible to be taken seriously as a scholarly writer if you use exclamation points? Less snooty than the semicolon, less trendy than the hashmark, the exclamation point labors in the disreputable quarters of the written word: romance … Continue reading

While on the UI Chicago campus this week, we had the distinct pleasure of visiting the current Special Collections and University Archives exhibit at the library: “The Food’s The Story.” The compact exhibit space features the nearly 90-year history of … Continue reading

Our ongoing 1915 Whatta Year! project today embraces the theories of general and special relativity, or if you prefer, the breakthroughs that made the name Einstein synonymous with genius. Why? Next to no one knows. See, the theories of general and special … Continue reading

This weekend is the secular-pagan holiday we can all get behind: Halloween. Once a time of fear and foreboding, Halloween has been transformed by thrill-crazed Americans into a festival of decoration, amusing cocktails, and opportunities to look just slightly naughty on social media. … Continue reading

Our thoughts are with the family of Celia Shapland, a longtime colleague who passed away Tuesday morning.

Today we say goodbye to one of our student workers, Kate Cullen, who graduates from the University of Illinois this coming Saturday. Best wishes and thank you for your good work!

Our annual holiday cookie exchange.

Professor Pradeep Dhillon, editor of our Journal of Aesthetic Education, sat down with the Illini News Bureau to discuss cultural aspects of Sikhism. In light of the August 5 tragedy at a Sikh temple near Milwaukee, Dhillon, who is a … Continue reading

The University of Illinois Press is having a sale on select books.  55% off plus free shipping.  Click here for details and a full list of titles.

NPR’s Melissa Block and Will Shortz (or their respective doppelgangers) at the University of Illinois Press halloween party.