Cover for Nowlan: Illinois Politics: A Citizen's Guide. Click for larger imageTo coincide with the Conference on Illinois History annual meeting September 27, 2013, in Springfield, Illinois, we are offering eBook versions of three University of Illinois Press titles on sale for $2.99. The sale will run through September 30.

Illinois Politics: A Citizens Guide by James D. Nowlan, Samuel K. Gove, and Richard J. Winkel Jr.
Based on the research and experience of respected veterans of Illinois politics, this book shows how the government runs, how politics operates, and what obstacles and opportunities exist for change. It explains how power is exercised and how parties compete for it. For engaged citizens, scholars, and students, Illinois Politics: A Citizen’s Guide is a timely and much-needed roadmap for positive change. Buy the Kindle version here. Buy the Kobo version here. Buy the Google Play version here.

Cover for emerson: Mary Lincoln's Insanity Case: A Documentary History. Click for larger imageMary Lincoln’s Insanity Case: A Documentary History by Jason Emerson
In this volume, noted Lincoln scholar Jason Emerson provides a documentary history of Mary Lincoln’s mental illness and insanity case, evenhandedly presenting every relevant primary source on the subject to enable a clearer view of the facts. Beginning with documents from the immediate aftermath of her husband’s assassination and ending with reminiscences by friends and family in the mid-twentieth century, the book compiles more than one hundred letters, dozens of newspaper articles, editorials, and legal documents, and the daily patient progress reports from Bellevue Place Sanitarium during Mary Lincoln’s incarceration.  Buy the Kindle version here. Buy the Kobo version here. Buy the Google Play version here.

Cover for ferguson: Illinois in the War of 1812. Click for larger imageIllinois in the War of 1812 by Gillum Ferguson
In this engrossing history, published upon the war’s bicentennial, Gillum Ferguson underlines the crucial importance of the War of 1812 in the development of Illinois as a state. The history of Illinois in the War of 1812 has never before been told with so much attention to the personalities who fought it, the events that defined it, and its lasting consequences. Endorsed by the Illinois Society of the War of 1812 and the Illinois War of 1812 Bicentennial Commission. “Recommended for all readers interested in the War of 1812 from the perspective of the frontier regions of the Old Northwest.”–Library Journal Buy the Kindle version here. Buy the Kobo version here. Buy the Google Play version here.

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