Last week I finally used a local independent bookstore birthday gift card that I had received in May. Last year I was excited to use a similar gift card on a Steve Reich box set* that I first saw in a Minneapolis bookstore during the 2007 AAUP annual meeting. I’ve listened to the Music for 18 Musicians disc a lot in the past 12 months, but not enough to get it into my Top 25. Anyway, I felt a bit guilty about using my gift card on CDs, so this year I pledged to use it on books.  I bought Don DeLillo’s Falling Man, and still have some money remaining for the new Curtis Sittenfeld book (“Isn’t that chick-lit?” the bookstore clerk asked me) when it comes out in September. If I use up my book club 15% discount, there might even be enough money left for one of the store’s clearance CDs.

*Note: I wanted to link to a page on the Steve Reich website but he links to Amazon so there you go.

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