A lot of rocks to look under in Illinois

GradelS15Scandal and indictment have kept Corrupt Illinois authors Thomas J. Gradel and Dick Simpson busy.

The investigation of Rep. Aaron Schock and indictment of former House Speaker Dennis Hastert have not only kept the authors phone ringing but the scandal-plagued headlines have reinforced the perception that Illinois has been sending bad apples to Washington, D.C.

But as the authors recently told CAN TV’s Chicago Newsroom host Ken Davis, there is just so much more corruption in Illinois to talk about.

“We found corruption at the state level, we found aldermanic corruption, we found city and county employee corruption,” says Dick Simpson, “We found significant suburban corruption. We found nearly 200 cases of suburban officials who are corrupt and have been convicted by the federal government.”

The authors discussed the history and variety of corruption they’ve documented on the program, which can be viewed below.

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