Cover for calt: Barrelhouse Words: A Blues Dialect Dictionary. Click for larger imageBarrelhouse Words: A Blues Dialect Dictionary By Stephen Calt
To celebrate the holiday season we have lowered the eBook list price of¬†Barrelhouse Words: A Blues Dialect Dictionary to $2.99 (through January 15). This fascinating compendium explains the most unusual, obscure, and curious words and expressions from vintage blues music. Utilizing both documentary evidence and invaluable interviews with a number of now-deceased musicians from the 1920s and ’30s, blues scholar Stephen Calt unravels the nuances of more than twelve hundred idioms and proper or place names found on oft-overlooked “race records” recorded between 1923 and 1949. From “aggravatin’ papa” to “yas-yas-yas” and everything in between, this truly unique, racy, and compelling resource decodes a neglected speech for general readers and researchers alike, offering invaluable information about black language and American slang. Buy the Kindle version here. Buy the Kobo version here. Buy the Google Play version here.

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