Utah Historical Quarterly (UHQ), the Press’s newest journal title, seeks papers for its upcoming issues. UHQ is the official journal of Utah history, published on behalf of the Utah State Historical Society since 1928. UHQ’s mission, from its earliest issues to the present, is to publish articles on all aspects of Utah history and to present Utah in the larger context of the West. UHQ’s editorial style emphasizes scholarly credibility, accessible language, and variety. The quarterly is filled with articles, book reviews, and photographs, as well field notes about documents, artifacts, historiography, oral history, and public history. Online supplements—including documents, galleries, and podcasts—accompany each issue.

Submission Guidelines:

From 1928 to the present, Utah Historical Quarterly has published on all aspects of Utah history. Even as UHQ continues its commitment to themes traditionally associated with Utah history, it challenges readers and authors to think across state lines to the forces of history, physiography, and culture that link Utah to a host of people, places, experiences, and trends beyond its geopolitical boundaries.

UHQ’s editorial style emphasizes scholarly credibility and accessible language. Manuscripts dealing with any aspect of Utah history will be considered. Submissions based on allied disciplines—such as archaeology, folklore, historic preservation, or ethnography—are also encouraged, so long as the focus is on the past. We welcome traditional research articles, as well as field notes about documents, artifacts, historiography, oral history, public history, and more.

Manuscript Formats:

  • Manuscripts based on original research, organized around a central thesis. 6,000 to 8,000 words.
  • Field notes and departments:
    • Shorter research manuscripts: 3,000 to 5,000 words
    • Preservation: interpretation of historic buildings, built and natural landscapes, and preservation efforts.
    • Archaeology: field notes and case studies of interest to UHQ
    • Research opportunities: primary document collections that invite research.
    • Primary documents: reproductions of previously unpublished documents, with commentary.
    • Objects: analysis of material objects.
    • Historiography: book review essays; commentary from historians on their craft.
    • Photographic essays: ten to fifteen illustrations, with context and interpretation.


Manuscripts should be properly documented using endnotes that conform to the latest edition of Chicago Manual of Style. Be sure to cite all direct quotes. Place note numbers at the end of a sentence. Several references in the same paragraph may be listed, in order, under one note number at the end of the paragraph.


Usually several illustrations accompany each article. We encourage authors to identify photographs and secure permission for publication. Images should be at 300 DPI and in a TIFF format. Published maps should be treated as illustrations. If new maps are proposed, please include a sketch.

Publication Schedule:

New manuscripts will be accepted at any time. Utah Historical Quarterly uses the following schedule: Number 1 (Winter), Number 2 (Spring), Number 3 (Summer), and Number 4 (Fall).

Questions and Contact:

Please direct questions regarding submissions and publication in UHQ to Dr. Jedediah Rogers, (801) 245-7209, jedediahrogers@utah.gov or Dr. Holly George, (801) 245-7257, hollygeorge@utah.gov. Our mailing address is

Utah Historical Quarterly
300 S. Rio Grande Street
Salt Lake City UT 84101

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