Christmas in Illinois: Dear Santa

Christmas in Illinois, by James BalloweFrom the UIP release Christmas in Illinois, edited by James Ballowe:

Before sitting on Santa’s lap in department stores became the way children let Santa and their parents know what they wanted for Christmas, letter writing was common, and often post-office employees volunteered to answer the letters that might otherwise have wound up in the dead letter file. Today many children e-mail Santa. These handwritten letters to Santa from children of Vermilion County were printed in the Fairmount Review, December 6, 1909.

Dear Santa,
I would like a football and a game of fishpond, a bugle horn, and a drum. If it is not too much, bring a tool chest, a little ship, some nuts and oranges.

Goodwin Maxfield

Dear Santa,
I have tried to be a good boy all summer. For Christmas I thought it was time to write now. I want an air gun and an overcoat, of course I like candy and oranges and nuts. I think it is time to close. My stocking will be on the chair.

Your friend,
Dale Delaney

Dear Santa,
I am seven years old. I wish you would bring me a doll with pretty black hair and some doll clothes and bed and dresser, this is all, for you have so many to give to, only don’t forget my cousin Goldie. She is bad sick.

Thelma Snow

Dear Santa Claus,
I will tell you what I would like to have. I want a tablet, a pencil and pencil box; but if you have anything else for me you can bring it.

Grace L. Britt

Dear Santa Claus,
I am a little farmer boy, and I want for Christmas: a horn, a sweater, a rocking horse and a story book and a pair of mittens. I want lots of fruit, candy and nuts. That is all for this time.

Your little friend,
Edward Cheuvront

Dear Santa Claus,
I am a little boy three years old. I have been real good and would like for you to bring me a box of blocks, a little drum, a wagon, doll, a new overcoat and some peanuts and candy.

Your little boy,
Paul Steenbergen

Dear Santa Claus,
I have been a good girl and go to school every day. I would like to get a doll dresser, a ring and a pair of rubbers to keep my shoes clean. Helen wants a doll, a teddy bear and a purse. Don’t forget the fruit and nuts. Dear Santa, this is all for today so I will close, hoping to see you at our school house for we are going to have a Christmas tree.

Good-bye from
Theresa Hart

Dear Santa Claus,
I have been sick ever since the thirteenth of August and am partly crippled yet. If you have any presents for me please bring them. I will be glad of anything you bring.
Bernie Robert Britt