Farewell, Lisa by Jennifer Reichlin

On Thursday, August 12, Press staff and other guests said their fond farewells to CFO Lisa Emerson, who is off to new adventures after retiring at an impossibly early age.

The most popular drink of the evening was the Pink Lemerson, invented by Leslie DeLucia in honor of the occasion.
-Absolut Ruby Red
-Red grapefruit juice
-Triple Sec
-A twist of lemon

Press director Bill Regier gave a speech that had us all chuckling in recognition.

“We all know that anybody who is interesting is a bundle of contradictions. And Lisa, we know that you are interesting. To give a hint of how interesting you are, I’d like to recite twenty things we’ll remember about Lisa.
  1. She’s keeps her religion to herself, but . . .
  2. she exorcised the demons of Banner.
  3. She prizes professionalism in all University procedures, but . . .
  4. when given a chance to choose her own nickname she chose “Cupcake.”
  5. For decades she’s cheered for the Orange and Blue, but . . .
  6. really, she’d rather wear red, yellow, or white.
  7. Lisa loves to chat, but . . .
  8. she’s an especially keen listener.
  9. She keeps her desk as clear as an airport runway, but . . .
  10. her office often experiences traffic congestion.
  11. She won’t shop at Bed, Bath, and Beyond because they don’t carry spread sheets, but . . .
  12. she’ll patronize Sephora to keep them in business.
  13. She can visit Las Vegas again and again and never enter a casino, but . . .
  14. she can’t leave my office without snitching some M & Ms.
  15. She’s as independent as a jungle cat, but . . .
  16. she’s a sucker for stray kittens.
  17. We learned this year that her closet is life threatening, but . . . .
  18. her wardrobe never malfunctioned.
  19. She loves the University of Illinois, its Press, and its people, but . . .
  20. she’s leaving us tomorrow to seek some new adventure.
Many have left the Press and were soon forgotten, but Lisa, you’ll be a legend. With thanks, I lift a toast to you.”


Jennifer Reichlin is the Editorial, Design, Production Manager at the University of Illinois Press.

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