Feminist Teacher is seeking to form a new editorial collective and is soliciting applicants.  The current editorial collective is stepping down this summer but will be available for consultation.  The journal, published by the University of Illinois Press, has for 25 plus years been at the forefront of discussions about feminist pedagogy.

Scope of the journal:  Feminist Teacher is directed at audiences across disciplines and provides discussions of topics central to feminist pedagogy, including intersectionality, interdisciplinarity, changing views about the meaning of gender, and the place of feminist teaching within the academy and beyond.  FT serves as a medium in which educators can describe strategies that have worked in their classrooms, institutions, or non-traditional settings; theorize about successes or failures; discuss the current place of feminist pedagogies and teachers in classrooms and institutions; and reveal the rich variety of feminist pedagogical approaches.  The journal seeks to provide a forum for teachers in large institutions, as well as for those in small institutions and/or more isolated areas.

The journal is published three times a year, and it depends on subscriptions for its revenue.  Editors are not paid.   Applicants are encouraged to seek support from their home institutions and to check to see whether producing a journal might fit into their tenure, promotion, or other professional profiles. 

Major responsibilities include:

  • Participating in the peer review of approximately 50 manuscripts per year
  • Soliciting high-quality manuscripts from potential authors, and assisting these authors in seeing their manuscripts to publication
  • Deciding, with the other editors/collective members, which manuscripts to accept or decline. When deciding that a manuscript possibly could be accepted with revisions, working with the authors(s) to revise and resubmit
  • Working in a timely manner with the production staff at the University of Illinois Press
  • Keeping abreast (and ahead) of major trends in feminist thought and teaching, and of major trends in the academy and in academic publishing

Applicants should have expertise in feminist studies, possess editorial experience, and be able to work effectively with co-editors and with authors.  People can apply as a cohort or as individuals.

Search procedure:  Applications will be reviewed by the search committee immediately after the deadline submission date:

The application packet should include:

  • A 3-page vision statement that includes a clear articulation of what Feminist Teacher is in terms of reach, focus, strengths, and gaps, and a clear idea of possibilities for changes and growth
  • Applicant information, including name, affiliation, experience in feminist pedagogy, and other relevant information. Describe qualifications for becoming a member of the editorial collective, including ideas for encouraging new voices to join the conversation and using a feminist pedagogical lens for helping authors improve their work
  • A current CV
  • Institutional support, in terms of office space, student (or other) assistance, course release, etc. Applicants are encouraged to reach out to the appropriate office in their university
  • A brief letter of support from the applicant’s chair or dean.
  • Group applications should designate a specific person as the point-person who will work directly with the University of Illinois Press and be responsible for on-going journal administration. Specifics will be discussed in interviews.

Deadline August 15, 2019.  Applications should be sent electronically to Gail_Cohee@brown.edu.

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