Happy birthday, Steven Soderbergh

January 14, 2014 is film director Steven Soderberg’s 51st birthday.

The profile filmmaker is the subject of Contemporary Film Directors series title Steven Soderbergh by Aaron Baker.

Soderbergh’s film career is nothing is not diverse, ranging from low-budget experiments such as Bubble (2006), the epic Che (2008) — which Variety noted as a “commercial impossibility,” — to the blockbuster Ocean’s Eleven (2001) and its two sequels.

Baker writes:

The eclecticism in Soderbergh’s movies would appear to invalidate a claim to the distinctive style typical of film authorship. Moreover, one might point to his more commercial projects as evidence of a lack of creative integrity in his work.  However, I would argue for the importance of Soderbergh’s films for reasons that don’t entirely discount these critiques but rather show how the variety of his work and the commercial viability of some of his films are prominent aspects of his individual style.

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