Happy birthday to Dario Argento

Horror movie director, writer and producer Dario Argento was born on September 7, 1940.

The master of “giallo” is the subject of L. Andrew Cooper’s Dario Argento from the Contemporary Film Directors series.

In the book Cooper writes:

Dario Argento’s films push the limits of visual and auditory experience; they offend, confuse, sicken, and baffle. Never complacent, Argento approaches each work as an experiment, and over more than four decades of filmmaking, his commitment to innovation has produced a broad range of styles applied almost unwaveringly within two closely related genres – crime thriller and supernatural horror – with results that are sometimes brilliant, sometimes muddled, and sometimes both.

Early in his career Argento was called “The Italian Hitchcock.” In an author Q&A about the book, Cooper says of that comparison:

“Despite the obvious importance of Hitchcock in Argento’s work, however, the comparison is somewhat superficial. Popular perceptions of Hitchcock frame him as a master storyteller with acute psychological insight. By contrast, Argento’s films privilege neither story nor psychology, preferring disorienting, abstract imagery and narratives that defy human agency and logical sense.”



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