Happy Saxophone Day: celebrate with the re-inventor

On November 6, 1814 Adophe Sax was born in Wallonia, Belgium.

HaddixF13Sax invented many musical instruments but the one for which he is best known (and has immortalized his name) is the saxophone.

Somewhere along the line musical enthusiasts declared November 6 to be World Saxophone Day. It’s an opportunity to celebrate the instrument and those who play the horn.

Perhaps the most well-known saxophonist in history is Charlie Parker. In Bird: The Life and Music of Charlie Parker, Chuck Haddix writes about how Parker changed the course of music with his saxophone.

In the book Haddix details how Parker’s and his collaboration with Dizzy Gillespie led to the development of bebop. In the video below Parker and Gillespie demonstrate the groundbreaking style that carried on the legacy of Adophe Sax.

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