James T. Farrell pentalogy featured in the Chicago Tribune

Cover for Farrell: My Days of Anger. Click for larger imageThe December 16, 2009, edition of the Chicago Tribune includes a feature story on James T. Farrell’s fiction and the recent reissue of the O’Neill pentalogy; A World I Never MadeNo Star is LostFather and Son, My Days of Angerand The Face of Time.

“If you know anything about James T. Farrell, the 20th century Chicago writer, you know this: He wrote the Studs Lonigan trilogy, the tale of a middle-class boy going bad that led to — you may also know — Louis Terkel being known by another first name.

But there is so much more to Farrell, and Charles Fanning thinks it’s important for people, especially Chicagoans, to understand.”

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