Livingston vs. Berube

At Bully Bloggers, Ira Livingston, co-editor of the recent University of Illinois Press book Poetry and Cultural Studies: A Reader, takes on Michael Berube’s recent Chronicle of Higher Education essay “What’s the Matter With Cultural Studies.”

Cultural studies pioneer Stuart Hall is Berube’s primary foil in the essay—the one alongside whom all others fail to measure up— but Berube also cites approvingly the hard-hitting early work of Richard Hoggart, Raymond Williams and E.P. Thompson; the unflinchingly reflexive work on academic labor by Marc Bosquet, Cary Nelson, Andrew Ross, and Jeffrey Williams; and the work of cultural-studies emissaries into other disciplines; Berube mentions Mike Davis and Edward Soja in urban studies.

Notice anything about the scholars in this list?  Yep, they’re all men.