Meet the Press: brought to you by the letter “J”

This summer the Press welcomed a pair of new faces to the staff. This means it’s time for another blog edition of “Meet the Press:”

In June Jenn Barbee joined the Press Business office to fill the the position of Account Tech.

Jenn handles accounts payable and client invoicing and payment questions.

She came to the Press from Lafferty & Associates.


Designer Jennie Holzner joined the Art Department in July.

Jennie works to design interiors and covers and jackets for UIP titles as well as handling some typesetting.  She also does work with Journals and designs promotional materials.

She comes to the Press from State Farm.

Both Jenn and Jennie are valuable additions to the staff, of course. But we might need to create a scorecard to identify the players.  The initial “J” is becoming quite popular at the Press.  If you’re calling and asking for “Jenn,” “Jennie” or “Jennifer” make sure to specify our staffers by last name as not to confuse one of them with Assistant Managing Editor Jennifer Clark or Assistant Director and Editorial/Design/Production Manager Jennifer Comeau.



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