Oh Knowledge Obscura

Answers below.

1. The 1994 Illini defense boasted one of the most talented linebacker corps in Big Ten history. Dana Howard won the Butkus Award, teammate Kevin Hardy would earn it the next year, and sackmaster Simeon Rice continued his assault on the record books. Which fourth linebacker made up the faculty of Linebacker U. that season?

2. A number of ghosts purportedly haunt campus, with Chief Illiniwek himself manifesting from time to time at the YMCA. The most persistent specter story involves a female spirit roaming the English Building, the restless victim of which misfortune in the early 1900s?

3. An immigrant from war-torn China, Ven Te Chow edited The Handbook of Applied Hydrology, a volume that featured 45 specialist contributors. Chow’s volume became a standard text around the world and brought generations of experts to which C-U landmark?





1. Future eight-year NFL veteran John Holocek

2. She drowned in the building’s swimming pool when it was a dormitory for women

3. Boneyard Creek, where Chow made many of his pioneering hydrological observations