Polish American Studies: Special Issue and Forum Highlights

Polish American Studies is the Polish American Historical Association‘s interdisciplinary, double-blind refereed scholars journal. The journal includes articles, edited documents, and related materials with all aspects of the history and culture of Poles in the Western Hemisphere. Occasionally, special issues and forums focus in on a particular topic for closer examination.

Check out some of these recent themes the journal has covered: 

Polish American Foodways (Volume 81, Issue 1, Spring 2024) 

This special issue of Polish American Studies aims to explore Polish American foodways. Although food studies as a research area has attracted a lot of attention from scholars and students, American Polonia’s food history has thus far been acutely underexplored. In this volume, scholars from such disciplines as ethnography, cultural studies, folklore, nutrition studies, and history highlight their research into the foodways of the Polish diaspora, bringing to the table, if you may, diverse methodologies and interests. 

Footprints of Polonia: Polish Historical Sites Across North America (Volume 80, Issue 2, Autumn 2023) 

This Forum section features four reviews of the most recent publication by the Polish American Historical Association, Footprints of Polonia: Polish Historical Sites Across North America, edited by Ewa E. Barczyk. Jerome Krase, Joanna Wojdon, Theodore L. Zawistowski, and Gavin Moulton discuss the book from various points of view, including history, public history, and visual anthropology. 

Roman Pucinski (Volume 79, Issue 1, Spring 2022) 

In this issue, historians James S. Pula and Dominic A. Pacyga bring together three scholarly articles, an interview, and a short memoir, all focused on Roman C. Pucinski and other Pucinski family members. The Pucinski family has been active both in the Chicago Polonia and nationally for many decades. However, as the discipline of immigration and ethnic history evolves and changes directions, the careers of political leaders such as Roman Pucinski have recently attracted less scholarly attention. 

75th Anniversary of Polish American Historical Association (Volume 77, Issue 1, Spring 2020) 

The 75th anniversary of Polish American Historical Association (PAHA) marks a milestone that its founders might have found hard to imagine at the time. And yet both PAHA and Polish American Studies established themselves solidly within the field of ethnic and immigration history and influenced generations of scholars on both sides of the ocean. We continue to recognize this achievement and learn from it.  

American Polonia in Greenpoint, NY (Volume 76, Issue 1, Spring 2019) 

This issue of Polish American Studies highlights the transformations within contemporary American Polonia in a specific location: Greenpoint, NY. The journal invited a group of sociologists and urban anthropologists to share their research on the Greenpoint Polonia, following their presentations at the Polish American Historical Association’s annual meeting in 2017.

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