Run for your lives! eBooks are the future (and the now)!

Today I attended a UIP brown bag lunch about social media sites and how we can use these sites to better promote UIP and its books and journals (and, in turn, its authors and editors).* Of course the talk eventually came around to the subject of eBooks. So how oddly prescient is it that the venerable blog, Bookninja, would include a post today about Wired correspondent Brad Moon’s 6-month experiment of reading only eBooks and concluding that “digital is the way to go”? Okay, so it’s probably not odd or prescient considering that eBooks are the talk of the town. But it’s an interesting experiment and should add something to the discussion over print vs. digital (or print and digital vs. digital).

Now go read the post and then, as Bookninja suggests,

You distract him, I’ll circle around behind with the truncheon and burlap sack. Start the van.

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