The Elite Eight of book covers

Eight. It’s a magic number. In fact, physicists consider it the second magic number. Racing fans love it. Billiards fans obsess over it. Eight is the only Fibonacci number (except the number one) that is a perfect cube, and also the atomic number of a vital little element known as oxygen. The Buddha gave us the Eightfold Path, the Hebrews the circumcision on the eighth day of a male’s life. Prefer modern modes of technology worship? What is a byte but eight bits? And, as you may have heard, when you turn an eight on its side it becomes a symbol meaning infinity.

Eight covers now remain in our bold and beautiful bracket. The first round offered a large number of upsets, with banjos, Frank Lloyd Wright, and nature among those on the losing side. What breathtaking UIP design will emerge as champion? Click to enlarge below and see how the contest is shaping up:

bracket elite 8