The Haymarket Conspiracy author vs. Wikipedia

In September 2012 we will publish The Haymarket Conspiracy: Transatlantic Anarchist Networks by Bowling Green State University professor Timothy Messer-Kruse. BGSU issued a press release yesterday relaying details of Dr. Messer-Kruse’s recent battles with Wikipedia over his attempts to update the site’s entry on the Haymarket riot.

“Messer-Kruse says he had tried in 2009 to correct a particularly misleading statement about the trial that claimed there was  ‘no evidence’ presented by the prosecution linking any of the defendants with the bombing.

He removed a line and provided an explanation in Wikipedia’s editing log, feeling that his research and published works on the trial provided him with a measure of expertise about the topic.

He says within minutes, his changes were reversed with the explanation that reliable sources must be provided in order to make changes to an article. Messer-Kruse says he cited documents to prove his point, including verbatim testimony from the trial.”

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