The TLS reviews Squeeze This!

Cover for jacobson: Squeeze This!: A Cultural History of the Accordion in America. Click for larger imageThe June 29, 2012, issue of The Times Literary Supplement includes an enthusiastic review of Marion Jacobson’s new book Squeeze This!  A Cultural History of the Accordion in America.

“Marion Jacobson prefaces her delightful book with a quote from the Minneapolis Journal of December 16, 1912: ‘A fearful instrument that looks like a cash register, and sounds worse, produces gasps of pleasure at the Orpheum this week. It is called the piano accordion and its behaviour is shameless.’ . . . This often-maligned instrument has found a worthy champion in Jacobson. Her likeable, informative and readable book, illustrated with superb colour plates of classic instruments and performers, looks set to remain the definitive work on the subject.” —Lou Glandfield, The Times Literary Supplement


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