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Beneath the deepest snows
The secret of a rose
Is merely that it knows
You must believe in spring


Lyricists Alan and Marilyn Bergman might not have had Illinois in mind when they wrote these soulful words, but there is no doubt that they speak to the hope that sustains through a long, cold winter. It’s not too much of a stretch to compare that seasonal waiting and hoping with the process of publishing. First, an idea, a conversation; then, a flowering of that kernel into a narrative, fed by new research streams; a sometimes protracted process of peer review and revision; and at last, the harvest of a new work come to fruition. We, along with our authors and editors, bring faith, hope, and vision to our collective enterprise—with wonderful results!

This season’s Callout celebrates an exciting new series in Black Internationalism, as well as significant anniversaries for two longstanding series: Latinos in Chicago and the Midwest, and Women and Film History International. We report on our successful inaugural Publishing Symposium, a daylong conference on the Urbana-Champaign campus that we anticipate becoming an annual event. Journals and books synergy in Scandinavian studies gets some airtime, as do new publications in music.

This spring also marks the launch of our campaign to build the Darlene Clark Hine African American History Fund to help underwrite and sustain the Press’s future publications in this cornerstone field. The Fund honors Professor Hine, a founding editor of the University of Illinois Press’s prestigious New Black Studies Series and recipient of a National Humanities Medal for her groundbreaking scholarship in African American women’s history. This fund will join several others recently established—including the Bruno Nettl Fund for Ethnomusicology and the Judith McCulloh Fund for American Music—that will help ensure the future of scholarly publication in key fields at Illinois.

The landscape of scholarly publishing continues to evolve in dramatic and sometimes daunting ways,but we continue to believe in the ultimate value and transformative energy of new scholarship. Come on in and take a stroll in our garden!

Laurie Matheson, DMA

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